NovemberClan Roleplay

This is where we do our roleplay. We are NovemberClan, one of the twelve small wild cat clans that live by the ocean. The other clans are JanuaryClan, FebuaryClan, MarchClan, AprilClan, MayClan, JuneClan, JulyClan, AugustClan, SeptemberClan, OctoberClan, and DecemberClan. NovemberClan cats live in a sunny forest glade. They are known for being loyal and keeping to themselves and their clanmates.


LEADER: Autumnstar: Pale ginger she-cat with warm red eyes and yellow paws. (Played by Moon)

DEPUTY: Shadowfire: Skinny black tom with ginger patches and amber eyes. (Played by Silv)

MED. CAT: Leafdrift: Dappled light brown tabby she-cat with bright, leaf-green eyes. (Played by Ottie)


Lynxheart: Cream colored she-cat with brown speckles, a gray heart marking on her chest, tufted ears, one violet eye, and one amber eye. (Played by Moon)

Ripplefang: Black tom with blueish stripes and stunning amber eyes. (OPEN)

Dapplemoon: Small white she-cat with silver points and fur tips and moon shaped marks on her cheeks. (Played by Moon)

Applebreeze: Dark ginger she-cat with swirly stripes and bright green eyes. (Played by Ottie)

Silverdusk: Pale silver-gray tabby she-cat with dark gray stripes and a white tipped tail. (Played by Aster)

Darklily: Pitch black cat with silver lily petal shaped patches, silver tail tip, and silver eyes. (Played by Dawn)

Quietstorm: Silver she-cat with white swirls that kind of look like a storm, white paws and tail tip, and leaf green eyes. (Played by Dawn)

Violetbreeze: Small light tabby she-cat with heather colored eyes. (Played by Silv)

Thistletooth: Gray she-cat with blue eyes and a scar across her left eyebrow. (Played by Thistle/Splash)


Corianderpaw: Tortie-and-white she-cat with dark green eyes. (Played by Aster)

Ridgepaw: Dark ginger tom with amber eyes (Played by Aster)

Lilypaw: Sleek pale gray tabby she-cat with cream swirls, green eyes, and a white underbelly and muzzle. (Played by Aster)


Echosky: White she-cat with silver tabby splotches and light blue eyes. (Played by Ottie) Mother to Songkit (played by Ottie), a cream tabby she-kit with white markings and sky blue eyes, Flykit (Played by Aster), a brown tabby tom-kit with large amber eyes and a cream chest, and Branchkit (Played by Ottie), a dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes, white specks and a stumpy tail.


Let me know if you want to join! Give me the following information about your character:


Name: Autumnstar

Played by: Moon


Rank: Leader

Age: 60 moons

Personality: Wise, introverted, quiet, kind, protective, motherly, thoughtful, believes strongly in the warrior code.

Family: Autumnstar has one littermate called Ripplefang (open). Her parents are Hazelsplash (mother, open) and Swiftfang. Swiftfang is dead.

Backstory: Autumnkit was always quiet and thoughtful. She constantly wanted to spend time with the med. cat instead of playing with her littermates. She was slightly disappointed to not be apprenticed to the med. cat, but was a very keen apprentice. She was never very close to her brother, Ripplefang. She became a warrior and took the name Autumnshine but during her vigil, foxes attacked, driven by starvation in the hard leaf-bare. Her father was killed but everyone else was okay. She grieved for a long time, blaming herself for his death. She overcame her sadness to become deputy and leader.

There’s my example. Please join the roleplay.

REMINDER: Please enter the contest for making a scene and prompt for our roleplay! The winner chooses their rank for the roleplay, such as deputy or medicine cat. The scene and prompt will be counted together.


50 thoughts on “NovemberClan Roleplay”

  1. Can I be meddie?’
    Name: Leafdrift
    Rank: Medicine Cat
    Age: 40 moons
    Personality: Shy, thoughtful, positive, smart, clever, helpful, kind
    Family: Unknown. Has a sister named
    Backstory: I’ll do it later


    1. Oops! Didn’t finish this: Has a sister named Applebreeze, who I am going to play
      Played By: Ottie
      Backstory for Leafdrift: She and her sister was found on the border of OctoberClan territory, covered by leaves, and under an apple tree. NovemberClan decided to take them in, and named them Leafkit and Applekit. As a kit, she was determined to become a great warrior. But, an injury kept her away from that dream. She became a medicine cat, and was proud. After she became Leafdrift, her mentor died, so now she is the medicine cat.

      Name: Applebreeze
      Played By: Ottie
      Rank: Warrior
      Age: 40 moons
      Personality: Brave, adventurous, strong, stubborn, sarcastic, a talker
      Family: Unknown. Has a sister named Leafdrift
      Backstory: Same as Leafdrift for the first 2 sentences. As a kit, she always dreamed of adventure. She wanted to become a great warrior, and was quite the opposite of Leafdrift. She always wanted a mate, and still wants one. She currently has an apprentice: ____paw (open)


  2. Thistletooth ( gray she cat with blue eyes and a scar across her left eyebrow
    Played by : Thistletooth
    Rank : deputy
    Age : unknown but is as old as a senior warrior
    Personality: brave . Talkitive , sometimes bossy , sarcastic at times , fierce , smart and nice
    Family : has a sister named Splashwhisker
    Backstory : Thistletooth was born a rouge called Thistle in a rouge camp . She is 2 years older then her sister Splashwhisker . She left the rouges and was a loner for a while . She asked to join November clan and was accepted and later was asked to be deputy . ( deputy for rp ) She has an apprentice called ———paw ( still open)
    That’s all I have


  3. Corianderpaw (Tortoiseshell and White She-Cat with Dark Green Eyes)
    Played By: Asterpaw
    Rank: Apprenty
    Age: 8 moons
    Personality: Curious, Hyperactive, Short Attention span, Smart, Witty
    Family: Brother; Ridgepaw, Sister; Lilypaw (Coming soon, when i’m not so lazy :D)
    Backstory: She is Thistletooth’s apprentice (If that’s okay with you thistle). She was brought up by her kittypet mother until she was six weeks old and she escaped with her siblings when the twolegs tried to sell them off.


    1. Ridgepaw (Dark Ginger Tom with Amber Eyes)
      Rank, Backstory, Family and Age Same as above
      Personality: Puts on a Tough front, but really is scared about joining NovemberClan. Tries to be very macho. A Kittypet at heart
      Lilypaw coming soon


      1. Ridgepaw cont.
        He never wanted to escape the twoleg nest. He always has regrets, but he tries to prove that he can be a warrior


      2. Lilypaw
        A Sleek Pale Grey Tabby she-Cat with cream swirls, Green Eyes and a white underbelly and muzzle.
        Family: Ridgepaw, Corianderpaw, Foster Mother is Silvershine (Coming Soon)
        Personality: Quiet, Shy, Kind, Naive
        Backstory: Same as Ridge and Coriander


  4. *causally makes another (few) characters*

    Name: Echosky
    Rank: Queen
    Age: 35 moons
    Personality: easily excited, stubborn, sassy, protective, motherly, kind, friendly, bold
    Family: Mother is Blossomfur and father is Gorseleap (both dead). Has a mate named __________ (open) and three kits named Softkit (tom-kit, open), Songkit (I’m gonna play her), and Flykit (tom-kit, open)
    Backstory: She was born in NovemberClan, as an only child, she was very bold. Since she had no siblings, she was a little social butterfly, coming into any conversation and always talking. As an apprentice, her father, Gorseleap, died of greencough, and her mother dying too. She was so sad. She became a warrior, then decided to get a mate and kits.

    Name: Songkit
    Rank: Kit
    Age: 2 moons
    Personality: know-it-all, bright, bold, talkative, curious, adventurous, brave
    Family: Mother is Echosky, father is _____, brothers are Softkit and Flykit.
    Backstory: Born to Echosky. Gets along really well with her brothers


    1. Flykit
      Brown Tabby Tom-kit with Big Amber Eyes and a Cream Chest
      Age:2 moons
      Family: See Songkit
      Personality: Energetic, Brave, Chatty.
      Backstory: Once was almost killed my greencough


    2. Whoops!
      Echosky – white she-cat with silver tabby splotches and light blue eyes
      Songkit – cream tabby she-kit with white markings and sky blue eyes


    3. Actually… I’m going to play Softkit and change his name to Branchkit.

      Name: Branchkit – dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes and white specks, has a stumpy tail
      Rank: Kit
      Age: Two moons
      Personality: quiet, shy, thoughtful, good learner, kind
      Family: See Songkit
      Backstory: was the last kit for Echosky to give birth to. Got his tail stuck under a rock and lost it.

      PS. For whoever wants to play Echosky’s mate, make sure he is a brown tabby with amber eyes 🙂


  5. Silverdusk
    Pale Silver-gray tabby she-cat with dark grey stripes and white tipped paws and muzzle
    Rank: Warrior, Former Queen
    Age: 32 moons
    Personality: Gentle, Kind, Never wants to upset anyone, yet protective of the ones she loves.
    Family: Mate, Dappledsnow (Grey and White Tom), deceased. . Foster kits: Corianderpaw, Ridgepaw, Lilypaw.
    Backstory: She was raised by loving parents who soon died in a greencough epidemic, along with her brother Frostedkit. As an apprentice she fell in love with Dapplepaw but, Dappledsnow later died from wounds from a battle with JuneClan. Her kits died before they were born and were born dead. When NovemberClan found kits in the snow, she offered to adopt them, for she still had milk. She bears a deep grudge against JuneClan.


  6. Name: Darklily

    Played by: Dawn

    Appearance: pitch black cat with silver lily petal shaped patches, silver tail tip, and silver eyes

    Rank: warrior

    Age: 27 moons

    Personality: stubborn, sarcastic, smart, witty, kind, loyal, fair, sometimes impulsive

    Family: sister named Quietstorm (claimed by me), father and mother named Nightshadow and Beefern (both are dead)

    Backstory: Being very close to her sister, Quietstorm, they were very different. One was impulsive and sarcastic, the other one quiet and compassionate. Despite this, they had a similarity of being very stubborn and kind, though Darklily had always been the impulsive stubborn one and Quietstorm had been the quiet stubborn one. They only depended on each other, as their parents died when they barely became apprentices. They are always seen together and are very good warriors

    Name: Quietstorm

    Played by Dawn

    Appearance: silver she-cat with white swirls that kind of look like a storm, white paws and tail tip, and leaf green eyes

    Age:27 moons

    Personality: quiet, level-headed, stubborn, sometimes a bit awkward, can’t accept change/can’t adapt well, kind, compassionate

    Family: ^^

    Backstory: ^^


  7. Name: Violetbreeze

    Played by: Silv

    Appearance: A small light tabby she-cat with heather colored eyes

    Rank: Warrior

    Age: 20 moons

    Personality: Shy, kind, friendly, fiercely loyal, a bit stubborn

    Family: Has a brother named Shadowfire. Her mother’s name is Feathershine, and her father’s name is Alderclaw. Has a sister named Quailkit.

    Backstory: She and her brother are very close. When they were kits, their sister, Quailkit died of greencough. Since then, they have always done everything together. They trained together and are now young warriors.

    Name: Shadowfire

    Played by: Silv

    Appearance: A skinny black tom with ginger patches and amber eyes

    Rank: Warrior

    Age: 20 moons

    Personality: Friendly, fiercely loyal, quick to talk (as in, doesn’t think before speaking)

    Family: Sister is Violetbreeze. Mother is Feathershine and father is Alderclaw. Sister named Quailkit.

    Backstory: Pretty much same as Violetbreeze, except he has an ambition to become deputy. His sister supports him. (So you can put him down for deputy candidates)



    (Start RPing now. Reply by saying something like, [insert RP character here] left from where they were standing in front of the nursery to the shade of the Ambertree.)


  9. Applebreeze came out of the Warriors den to gather around the Ambertree. Leafdrift followed her sister, looking at the leader.

    Echosky sat near the nursery. Branchkit and Songkit tried to peak out.

    “‘Cats old enough to catch their own prey,'” Echosky reminded her kits.

    Branchkit pouted, while Songkit rolled her blue eyes.


  10. Shadowfire and Violetbreeze padded out of the warriors den towards the Ambertree, whispering quietly to each other.

    “What you think this is about?” Shadowfire asked his sister.

    “I don’t know,” she replied back.


  11. Note: Please reply to the orginal comment such as Autumnstar’s announcement when RPing. Thanks!

    “It is time to appoint a deputy. I say these words before StarClan, so that they may hear and approve my choice. Shadowfire will be the deputy of NovemberClan.” Autumnstar announces.


    1. Applebreeze and Echosky raised their muzzles in the air and cheered. “Shadowfire! Shadowfire!” Leafdrift half-heartedly joined in with them. The medicine cat was next.

      “What’s going on out there?” Songkit grumbled, trying to get a view of the ceremony.

      Branchkit looked at his sister. “I think Shadowfire’s deputy.”

      Songkit nodded.


    2. Violetbreeze stared at her brother, happiness brimming in her eyes. “Did you hear that? You’re deputy!”

      Shadowfire looked in shock at his leader. He’d always wanted to be deputy, but he never actually expected to. Joy filled up inside of him as cats cheered his name. “Shadowfire! Shadowfire!”


    1. Leafdrift gasped and beamed. Applebreeze grinned at her sister. Echosky began to join in the chant. “Leafdrift! Leafdrift!”

      Songkit and Branchkit pouted inside of the nursery.


  12. May I Join? As Robinpaw?
    Name: Robinpaw
    Played by: Robinpaw (how original I am lol)
    Apperence: Jet black she-cat with amber eyes
    Rank: Apprentice
    Age: 8 moons
    Personality: Sarcastic (like Jayfeather) thoughtful, would be protective over her kits if she was ever a queen, cares deeply about who she loves
    Family: dad- Smoke mom- Rainbow no siblings
    Backstory: Robinpaw was born as a loner to Rainbow. (Loner name Robin) Smoke had died before she was born from an adder bite. Rainbow caught a severe case of greencough, so in her last attempt to save her kit she took Robin to NovemberClan, where the Clan accepted her. Rainbow died in her sleep after the Clan made her an elder. (Yes sad story sob)
    Anyway, so thats my form! I dont care who is robinpaw’s mentor


      1. (I can play Frost if you’d like)

        “I’ve heard about a group of cats that live near here. I’ve heard that they work together and help each other, and I’d like to join. It’s quite hard to live alone.” The cat called Frost stared hopefully at the three warriors.

        Violetbreeze glanced at Shadowfire. “What do you think?” She asked.

        Shadowfire looked hesitant, as if weighing his options. Finally, he nodded. “We’ll bring you back to camp and let Autumnstar decide,” he said.


  13. Just so you know, you left out Autumnstar’s appearance in the Example form. Also, I will be joining as Misty Moors; I am currently figuring out her personality and backstory.


  14. OK, I’m gonna make a roleplay character!
    Name: Duskfall
    Played by: Brackenpaw
    Apperance: dark blue-gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes
    Rank: Warrior
    Age: 14 moons
    Personality: Entergetic, postitive, friendly, extrovert, makes friends easily
    Family: Her mother is Lilyshine (dead), and her father is Stormdrift. She has a littermate named Mosspaw (dead) and a younger brother named Nightpaw/shade. She has a mate named Lionclaw.
    Backstory: Her mother, Lilyshine, died of greencough right before Duskfall became a warrior. Her father, Stormdrift, never really meant to have kits with Lilyshine, and instead is in love with Willowfrost. Lilyshine died when Nightkit was four moons old, so Duskfall often visted the nuresrey to play with Nightkit before he became an apprentice. She is still angry with her father for not being there when his kits needed him, and taking Willowfrost as his mate so soon after Lilyshine’s death.


    1. Oh, and all of the characters I mentioned (expept Duskfall and the dead ones) are open, if anyone wants to play them.


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