NovemberClan Allegiances

This is a page where you can request to join the NovemberClan Allegiances. Remember, only if your BlogClan join date is in Nov. of some year or anytime very close may you join. Or if you have been invited by me, Moon. You DO NOT have to use your BlogClan name or fursona.


LEADER: Moonstar: Elegant dappled silver tabby with icy blue eyes and a dark leaf shaped spot on her chest.

DEPUTY: Otterfrost: Light brown tabby she-cat with warm amber eyes

MED. CAT: Silverleaf: Lithe silver tabby she-cat with leaf-green eyes

Apprentice; Loudfern


Thistletooth: Gray she-cat with blue eyes and a scar over one

Asterheart: Brown Tabby She-Cat with Bright Blue Eyes and White legs, underbelly, chest and tailtip


Loudfern: MCA, pale brown she-cat with dark gray tabby stripes and amber eyes


Misty Moors: Brown and white she-cat with green eyes (Nin)


If you would like to join the allegiances, please comment below.


12 thoughts on “NovemberClan Allegiances”

  1. Should I change the appearance of my Nov.Clan fursona to a bluish-gray-and-cream She-cat with warm amber eyes to fit with my future new new fursona?


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