Roleplay Contest!!!

Attention! Anybody who entered the RP prompt contest, thank you. To those of you who haven’t but wish to, please do so within the next week. I will be posting results then in a Blogpost. Thank you! To confirm, I have received Ottie’s, Silv’s, and Thistle’s entries. You can leave your entries here if you haven’t entered already.


1 thought on “Roleplay Contest!!!”

  1. How about: NovemberClan, it’s not a true name, it’s not a true Clan. A Clan purely made up of rejected cats who don’t fit in. They are scorned, and they deserve to be, they’re no bodies, they’re nothing.
    But one day, when thunderous earthquakes threaten to destroy the Clans’ valley home, the 4 clans (FrostClan, SunClan, BreezeClan and NovemberClan) will be thrown into turmoil and chaos. Prey-stealing, truce breaking at gatherings, unnecessary battles will be fought. But one Clan will stand up for what is right. One Clan will send a patrol of warriors to reach out and search for a new home, and that Clan, will be NovemberClan.

    Here is my prompt, it’s kinda cringe but you get the idea 😛

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