Attention all Roleplayers!!

Hi everyone! I have recieved Ottie’s comment of “where and when do we roleplay,” and I think we should talk about that. Or at least to the extent of when. Ahhhh wait I can barely see what I’m typing let me go get my glasses. *runs to room and gets glasses.* Wow. A lot better. Okay. Let’s get to the point here. I was thinking, that for the prompt… I need help. So I am going to hold a contest.

AIM: Come up with a sutible roleplay prompt or scene for the NovemberClan roleplay.

RULES: Um… self-explanatory. Don’t copy other people, if you do only the first person who said it will win. Make sure it’s appropriate and matches the idea of NovemberClan.

PRIZE: Um… I don’t know. First pick of position in the roleplay? So if more than one person wants to be deputy, whoever wins this contest gets to be deputy? And I will also draw your fursona, full body.

Questions? Comment below!


17 thoughts on “Attention all Roleplayers!!”

  1. Ok my rp setting for November clan

    Scene : A huge Forest with a river and a water fall.
    The forest is 20 miles long . The river runs through the middle of the forest and at around the 6 mile mark is the water fall wich is around a 10 foot drop . The area has lots of clearings , lots of prey and areas for training young apprentices . There are lots of streams and even an area for a camp , wich is a covered clearing with lots of bushs and a small stream running through it . There are some foxs , badgers , bears , adders and hawks but they are rarely seen .

    That’s my scene for NovemberClan


  2. I know this is random, but you have glasses?!?! So do I!! 😀 Anyway, let’s see . . .

    Scene: A forest with oak, maple, ash, rowan, and other (basically kind of like the trees in ThunderClan) kinds of trees. Camp is in a place surrounded by 2 streams and oak trees. There is a river that is about 4 miles away from camp, and the streams connect to it. There are mountain ranges around 10 miles north of camp. The river runs into the mountain. The place where medicine cats go to share tongues with StarClan is called the Star Clearing. It’s a clearing located near the mountains, and there is a small cave in the clearing. Inside, there are those things that hang from the ceiling and ground (I forget what they’re called :P). Kind of like Stoneteller’s cave. There are predators, including hawks, since the mountains are nearby.

    Oh, and I have a question: will we compensate all the territories together and have everyone’s ideas? Or will we just pick one?


    1. Yes! I do! I usually wear contacts because I do sports. I think we will try and mix them together but the prize will go to the one that we use the most. For example, if I decide I like yours best but decide to use the fact that there is a river in the camp from someone else’s entry, then you would still win.


  3. Okay then. Prompt:

    NovemberClan lives alone in their home. There are no other Clans or cats nearby. They are peaceful, as the place they live in (whichever one is picked) has plenty of prey. But the clan is very small. Soon, word of the clan spreads, and rogues want to join. But some of NovemberClan don’t want them to join. Fights start to break out, and the Clan is divided. And if this wins, I guess we can take it from there.


  4. Ok my prompt
    A fight breaks out in camp between the leader and deputy and the clan gets divided . The clan leader must get back on the good side of the deputy and also the good side of the divided part of the clan with out getting the clan more divided .


  5. Scene: A lovely clearing with a bunch of oak trees, with red, orange, and yellow leaves, like autumn. There is a stream nearby, with a small waterfall flowing into it. They live in the clearing, their camp in it. Nearby, if you follow a faded path, there is a place with sandy floor and trees with prey, and they call it the Training Hollow. And, there is a huge tree near the Training Hollow, and they call it the Tall Oak.

    Prompt: In the clans, it is usually peaceful. But in a gathering, a fight breaks out between Autumnstar, and the DecemberClan leader, Winterstar. Autumnstar claims that there was DecemberClan scent on their territory, and since Winterstar is very stubborn, he quickly declines. NovemberClan stands up for themselves, and DecemberClan does at well. JanuaryClan, FebruaryClan, MarchClan, AprilClan and OctoberClan stands up for DecemberClan, and the rest stands up for NovemberClan. The clans are divided. NovemberClan has to find a way to unite the clans again, and deal with MayClan, JuneClan, JulyClan, AugustClan, and SeptemberClan with their ideas for DecemberClan.

    The prompt probably made no sense 😛


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