Hi guys! This is an extention of BlogClan made by me, Moonbreeze. I made this for no particular reason but it is a club for people who joined BlogClan in Nov. 2017. Seems random, I know. Ā I was thinking we could be “NovemberClan.” I will be your leader, Moonstar. Reply if you want to join!

Before you join:

Make sure your join date is in November! Don’t ask why I’m limiting it… I just think it’s funny.


27 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. Hi I would like to join November clan
    I’m a gray she cat wil blue eyes and a scar across one eye
    Can I be deputy please


      1. Can I join the rp under November clan my rp cat is Thistletooth and same description as above
        for the rp can I be deputy
        I know how run an rp
        You just come up with a topic and then add characters and then act it out with the characters ( hope that explains it )


  2. Ok how to run an rp
    First you come up with a topic
    Then you add characters
    Then act it out the topic with the characters
    ( you can have lots of people rping at once )
    Hope it helps


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